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The Africa trade is dominated by diverse natural resources that the continent enjoys in abundance. However, trade varies from one country to another. Countries such as South Africa represent the higher side of the spectrum whereas regions such as Burundi have the least trade volumes. A majority of African countries are underdeveloped and therefore, rely heavily on foreign aids to survive. Africa trade is, therefore, a representation of extremes.

Africa Trade: Exports
Botswana and South Africa are two biggest exporting countries in Africa. South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of gold as well as diamonds. The country has a well developed law system. South Africa has a large pool of skilled labour and, advanced infrastructure and developed financial resources. All these factors are mostly missing from other countries.

Resotec Fire Force

“Prevention is better than cure!!”

New fire inhibiting agent is a prophylactic protection against fire outbreak.
The effective components of Fire Force© – anti –flaming are absorbed by the material.

Resotec Aviation

“…tailor made professional aircraft service…”

We at Resotec Aviation pride ourselves in providing our clients with tailor made professional aircraft service which is specific to the client’s particular needs, be it in logistics or plane chartering for commuting.

Resotec Media

“Your media, event management and communications solution”

Resotec Media was established on the basis of media, event, management and communications solutions which are specific to a clients Brand development and

Resotec Water

“A healthy water solution”

Resotec Water a division of Resotec Africa Group whose focus is on eco-friendly and cost effective methods to provide clean and pure water to all parts of

Resotec Health

“Improving health standards everywhere”

Improving health standards through the use of safe and tested pharmaceutical drugs and methods for the betterment of living conditions everywhere. At Resotec

Resotec Properties

Property management & development services including property rentals & property financial services for residential and commercial clients in South Africa.

Selprima Lifestyle

Fine Wine; Spa; Beauty Products: Skin Care, Bath Salts, etc.

Resotec Consulting Engineers

Rosetec Engineering Consulting is a consulting engineering and project management firm with the following fields of expertise