New fire inhibiting agent is a prophylactic protection against fire outbreak.

  • Prevents flame formation
  • Outstanding fire defence
  • Can be used on all cultivations
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to handle
  • No services and maintenance required
  • No re-igniting at all
  • S.A.B.S. Approved

Fire Force©
Fire Force© – anti – flaming contains mono ammonium phosphate, which penetrates without problem by helping the micro emulsion into different materials. The chemical material composition of Fire Force© anti- filming makes its penetration possible into materials wettable with difficulty. After avaporating the liquid remain substantial substances, which proved as very steady, in the treated material. Long term tests have proven that the protection substances, which proved as very steady, in the treated materials are subject to high humidity during a longer period.

The effective components of Fire Force© – anti –flaming are absorbed by the material. They remain inactive until the material is exposed to a temperature of approx 250 degrees Celsius. At this temperature Fire Force© – anti- flaming is activated and absorbs the heat, it work endothermically.

Fire Protection in Households
Fire Force can be sprayed onto wood, paper, cardboard and textile thus all absorbent natural materials. Where a fire is prevented to develop, it is not necessary to extinguish a full blaze.

Fire Protection for Veld and Bush Fires
In the dry seasons and/or bergwinds fires frequently cause high damages. FireForece® – anti – flame fire protection will contain and control the flames

Fire Protection For Textile
For the treatment are suitable absorbent textiles of the most different natural fibers. High portion of synthetic fibers or of especially treated fiber can make the impregnation impossible or can lead to an insufficient absorbency. It is advisable to test the material before treatment of big surface with Fire Force® – anti – Flaming regarding color change and spotting. The impregnated can lead to a reinforcement of the material.

Fire Protection in the Timber Construction
The new Fire Force© – anti – flaming, absolutely innocuous and nevertheless highly effective, was developed particularly for preventive treatment against arising fire at timber construction work.

Fire Protection for Thatch
Fire Force© – anti – flame can be sprayed on thatch to prevent flame formation. Fire Force© is UV Stable thus has a prolonged outdoor life expectancy.